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ISANH awarded 4 researchers in 2010: Pr Patrick Pagéat, Pr Vladimir P. Skulachev, Pr Volkmar Weissig and Pr Valerian E. Kagan



Isanh has awarded 4 researchers this year 2010.
  • 1st world congress Olfaction & Issues 2010: on November 4-5th, Paris - France
Isanh awarded Pr Patrick Pagéat from Pherosynthese Research Institute. The scientific committee was seduced by his presentation about A maternal semiochemical controls fear reactions in children (18 to 36 months-old) experiencing routine examination in a pediatric hospital”.
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  • 1st world congress Targeting Mitochondria 2010: on November 18-19th, Berlin-Germany
The scientific committee chaired by Pr Marvin Edeas, awarded three high high quality speakers for their scientific contribution:
·         Pr Vladimir P. Skulachev, Moscow State University, Russia who presented Targeting Mitochondria in 2010 and the Future of Medicine: A Personal Point of View”.
·         Pr Volkmar Weissig, Midwestern University College of Pharmacy Glendale, USA who presented Mitochondria-Targeted Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers”
·         Pr Valerian E. Kagan, University of Pittsburg, USA who presented “Targeting of New Classes of Anti-Apoptotic Drugs into Mitochondria: Challenges and Perspectives”.

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