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Tea and Health Satellite Symposium 2009: Tea Extracts as a future drug?

1st Symposium on
 Tea extracts as a future drug?
 Friday, December 4th
Dubai, UAE
The aim of the Symposium is to discuss whether tea extracts as potential to be used as a future drug.  Selected speakers will discuss the various targets of tea as a drug, including cancer, mitochondria, metabolic syndrome, anti-photo-ageing,  or anti-angiogenesis.
Several sessions will be held: 
  • Tea Polyphenols as a potential anticancer agent 
  • Green Tea Polyphenols: A  novel drug to treat prostate cancer?
  • Green Tea as anti-angiogenic drug
  • The potential use of tea as anti photo-ageing drug
  • Targetong mitochondria with green tea: Strategy and Challenge
  • Green Tea and Tea Extracts as drugs for metabolic syndrome
  • Importance of synthesis and biological activity of a new molecule analogue of EGCG

10 minutes to convince 
Open Session for Industry: Business to Business meeting
New Sources, New Ingredients, Technological Innovations
Network platform: Resolve today’s issues to reach future perspectives. Identify competitors in your field. Meet new customers. New applications in human health.

The Scientific Committee will select oral communications reserved for ingredients or finished products with clinical trials / studies. These communications of 10 minutes are based on:

-  Originality of the compound or its mechanism of action

-  New targets and new concepts

-  New formulation and/or galenic

New marketing and distribution concepts



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