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COVID-19: News and Advances


A pandemic is defined as “occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.” From the moment the WHO declared the latest outbreak and classified it into the Coronavirus family, a great number of daily questions are asked by the majority. Thereby, many conferences will dig into the latest researches and studies.

Three sessions will be dedicated for the advances in the research of the COVID-19:

  • The 8th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota will deliver presentations about the clinical applications deriving from the impact of our Gut Microbiota on Acute and Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome presented by Siew C Ng from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Another presentation will also display the many aspects this virus has on the gut microbiome in patients, delivered by Tao Zuo from Institute of Digestive Disease, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
  • The challenges imposed by the COVID-19 will also be disseminated during the 12th International Conference on Skin Ageing and Challenges, held in November by Uwe Wollina from Academic Teaching Hospital, German.
  • To anyone that is into the fitness industry, a special session will be presented during the 12th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria in Berlin, to better acknowledge two modulators of COVID-19: the cardiorespiratory fitness associated with the mitochondrial health presented by Johannes Burtscher from University of Lausanne, Suisse.

Visit the websites below for more information:

Targeting Microbiota 2021 Congress:

Skin Ageing & Challenges 2021 Congress:

Targeting Mitochondria 2021 Congress: