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Ageing in many of its aspects will be presented in numerous conferences this year


In October, 2 conferences will be dedicated to Skin Ageing:

  • The 8th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota will dedicate a special session to the link between microbiota, brain & ageing. You can find the agenda of the congress here.
  • The 23rd International Conference on Oxidative Stress Reduction, Redox Homeostasis & Antioxidants "Paris Redox 2021" is organizing a session to discuss Ageing & Telomeres in regards to Oxidative Stress. Check the detailed agenda for further information by clicking here.

As well, the 12th International Conference on Skin Ageing and Challenges, held in November, is going to discuss the relation between skin ageing & our lifestyle and diet. All the details about this session and many more can be accessed by clicking here.

Visit the websites below for more information:

Targeting Microbiota 2021 Congress:

Skin Ageing & Challenges 2021 Congress:

Paris Redox 2021 Congress: