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Slimming Ingredients Germany 2008



Slimming Ingredients Germany 2008

2nd International Conference on the

Latest innovations and trends in weight loss and weight management


Slimming Germany Exhibition Space

Reserved only for ingredients or products with clinical trials/studies


Scientific Committee:

Prof. Susanne Klaus, Germany - Dr Marvin Edeas, France - Dr Abdul Dulloo, Switzerland - Prof. J. Alfredo Martínez, Spain - Dr Jason Halford, United Kingdom - Dr. Christine Bentley, Germany - Dr Joerg Gruenwald, German - Prof.  Hans K. Biesalski, Germany - Dr Markus Clemenz,Germany - Dr Christiane Alexander, Germany - Dr Anna Foryst-Ludwig, Germany- Dr Sybille Buchwald-Werner, Germany


Please find here some information concerning the Slimming Ingredients conference:

  •  Slimming Ingredients Germany 2008 Award:

 We remind you that our Scientific Committee will name the most innovative project. To be selected and participate, please send us your scientific field (article, scientific study and other detailed information) before June 13th.


  • Slimming Ingredients Guide 2008:

 The Slimming Ingredients Guide 2008 will gather short and clear information about the slimming ingredients available on the market, which efficacy has been tested by credible studies. It will be available during and after the conference. Industrials will thus be able to have complete information about those ingredients and their suppliers.

 If you wish to have your ingredient in the guide (free of charge), send us your information before June 13th (see details below).

  • What are the latest developments in the slimming ingredients regulatory field ? The new EU food/supplement claim directive and its consequences


  • Round Table Discussion of the conference :

"What are the ways to improve the scientific credibility of slimming ingredients?"

You will find the final program and the registration form of the conference on our website


We are looking forward to welcome you at the event, do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Best regards,

Rouby Joubet

Conference Coordinator

Slimming Germany 2008


Information Slimming Ingredients Guide 2007

Deadline: June, 13th

Size: 210x297 (A4)

Short and clear information

Scientific contact in the company