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6-month Master Student position at the Nestlé Research Centre in Lausanne


Nestlé Research Centre in Lausanne looking for master student (not graduate students nor non- European citizens) for 6-month position.

Below are the description for the position:

Subject: Polyphenols and Food

Polyphenols (PP) are important Bioactives linked to health benefits. Some of PP, where health claims are possible, are expensive (e.g. Catechin), and green extraction methods form fruits, vegetables or side stream products are highly desirable to make sustainable productions.


Objective 1: Create a database including  Polyphenols Vs Food sources Vs Health Benefits links

Objective 2: Investigate sustainable processes (lab and pilot) to deliver PP enriched natural extracts.

Objective 3: Test potential bio-efficacy of these extracts in specific in-vitro models related to targeted health benefits.

Objective 4: Formulate polyphenol extracts in food prototypes and carry out accelerated shelf-life.



1)       Literature search of alternative side streams or sustainable sources of PPs linked to health benefits.

2)       Determine most convenient extraction procedures (preferentially “green”) to obtain PP extracts and characterise such extracts through HPLC. Investigate extraction parameter to modulate the final PP composition of the extract.

3)       Carry out in vitro tests and provide results interpretation and recommendations on how bioefficacy could be boosted

4)       Carry out prototyping in relevant matrices for tasting and shelf life investigation

5)       Reporting (lab book, intermediate and final reports, presentations)

 Required Skills

Chemistry, Analytical chemistry theoretical and practical, Biochemistry, Cell cultures (is a bonus), excellent level of English written and spoken, IT basic skilled, friendly, passionate, team player..

For more information, please contact us here