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Food & Microbiota: the first symposium dedicated to agro-food industries will be held in Paris in June 14, 2018


With the partnership of ISANH, the InternationalSociety of Microbiota (ISM)organizes the 1st ISM Symposium on Microbiota & Food, which will be held in Paris in June 14, 2018.
Nowadays, the studies about microbiota are revolutionizing the clinical and health research. To fit with this extraordinary revolution, the agro-food industries have to prepare and initiate new ideas and new products for which the formulation will have a positive impact on human gut microbiota and by consequence on human health.
The aim of Microbiota & Food 2018is to provide some ideas and strategies to helpintegrate an understanding of the industry perspective with the clinical and scientific perspectives to initiate these
As antioxidants have a strategic role in agro-food industries, ISANH will be a major partner of this first symposium.
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