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Monitoring mitochondrial oxygenation and oxygen consumption: first clinical experiences


One of the session of Targeting Mitochondria 2016 is dedicated to "How to evaluate mitochondrial function/dysfunction?". This session will be organized during the second day of the congress.

Pr Egbert Mik from Erasmus MC, Netherlands will be one of the major speaker of this strategic session. He will present the first clinical experiences related to monitoring mitochondrial oxygenation and oxygen consumption.

Marvin Edeas & Volkmar Weissig asks to Egbert Mik to highlight the following key points:

  • How to measure mitochondrial oxygenation and oxygen consumption in vivo?
  • Is monitoring at the sub-cellular level feasible in clinic?
  • How will mitochondrial measurements affect patient care?

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Marvin Edeas / Volkmar Weissig / Chairmen of WMS