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Mitochondria Targeted Nanoparticle for Regenerative Therapy of Stroke


Dr.  Shanta Dhar, from University of Georgia, USA  was invited by the scientific committee of the 7th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria to present his recent  research "Mitochondria Targeted Nanoparticle for Regenerative Therapy of Stroke".

According to Dr. Dhar: Stroke is one of the most leading cause of impairment and death worldwide. Tissue plasminogen activator, the only Food and Drug Administration approved drug for ischemic stroke, suffers from several drawbacks when efficacy, safety, and the therapeutic window are considered. Neural stem cell-based tissue regeneration therapy can be an attractive addition for treatment of brain injuries. However, regenerative stem cell treatment suffers survival issues when implanted at the injury site dominated by a cytotoxic environment created by reactive oxygen species and inflammation. Neuro-protectants such as anti-inflammatory and/or anti-oxidative agents can be excellent addition to regenerative treatment.

Marvin Edeas stated: "During Targeting Mitochondria 2016, the new topic of mitochondria targeting nanoparticle will be largely discussed".

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 Marvin Edeas / Volkmar Weissig / Chairmen of WMS