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Clinical trials with SkQ1: Presentation of the recent scientific data and perspectives


Pr Vladimir Skulachev from the University of Moscow, Russia was invited by the scientific committee of the 7th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria to present his recent resultats of the clinical trial done with SkQ1.

Pr Skulachev is one of the most eminent researcher in the field of mitochondria. He discovered the “mitochondrial electricity” and “Skulachev Ions” (penetrating ions that are electrophoretically targeted to mitochondria) (1969). He proposed a theory of programmed aging as a mechanism increasing evolvability (1997). Pr Skulachev also suggested that gradual programmed aging, seen in almost all mammals, has an evolutionary advantage over programmed sudden death seen in some animals such as salmon, octopus, and male marsupial mouse as well as many insects and plants.

Pr Skulachev directs the SkQ Megaproject to study the effect of cationic plastoquinone derivatives (SkQs) inhibiting effects of ROS in mitochondria, interrupting the aging program, and consequently providing potential treatment agents for various age-related diseases. He also conducted a Homo Sapiens Liberatus Workshop in Moscow, May 2010 to review the SkQ results and discuss aging theories. Preliminary results are exciting, especially regarding age-related diseases of the eye, such as Dry eye syndrome. For this disease, clinical trial are already successfully completed.

He is the Dean of the school of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics (MSU). Chief Editor of Biochemistry (Mosc.), the board member of FEBS Lett., Physiol. Rev., J. Bioenerg. Biomembr., Aging (Albany, N.Y.), Cell Cycle, etc.

To know more about the successful clinical trial from Pr Skulachev, come and participate to Targeting Mitochondria 2016: