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How to evaluate Glycated End-Products in health & disease and in Agro-food products?



The 3rd World Congress Maillard Reaction & Glycation is organized at Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, next May 26-27, 2016.

During this congress, the scientific committee decided to dedicate a special session to How to evaluate glycation and glycated end-products? This special session is organized on May 26.

All you need to know from A to Z about the methods to evaluate the glycation in health and diseases, and also in agro-food industries, will be presented during this session: devices, patents...


Call for Abstracts

If you have any devices, innovative methods, biomarkers or innovative methods to evaluate glycation and glycated end-products, you can submit it to the scientific committee to present it during the congress.
For more information about abstracts submission, click here.

We look forward welcoming you in Budapest for this international congress.