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How to Evaluate Mitochondria Function / Dysfunction? Practical & Strategic Information - Pre-Conference Workshop


WorkshopScientific Committee of Targeting Mitochondria 2014 decided to organize one day pre-conference workshop to highlight all methods which allow investigating and studying mitochondria in physiologic and pathologic conditions.

The problem is that many methods in the market with many devices and apparatus can evaluate mitochondria function and dysfunction. However no standard method can indicate the credibility of these methods.

Three-four speakers from different specialties will present all these methods and explain all devices, their limits, credibility and pertinence.
Of course, a special session will be dedicated to beginners with more details about how to select the appropriate method and what kind of cells/biopsy/extract can be used.

If you wish to present an innovative methods or device, please send us your abstract.


The day will be divided in 4 sessions:

  1. How to evaluate mitochondrial function / dysfunction in 2014
  2. Presentation of Practical cases
  3. Methods & devices in the market: critics and limits
  4. Come with your project – Let us discuss about it

Each participant will have a report at the end of the workshop.


To register to this workshop, please click here.