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Call for Speakers and Innovations for Targeting Mitochondria 2014


The scientific committee of Targeting Mitochondria 2014, co-chaired by Pr Edeas and Pr Weissig, will select abstracts for short oral & posters presentations for the 5th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria which will be held in Berlin on October 30-31, 2014.

Deadline for Oral Presentations Submission: September?15th

Deadline for Poster Presentations Submission: September.19th


     Tracks & Hot Topics
  • Recent Advances on Mitochondrial Dysfunctions in Chronic Diseases
    • Redox Signaling Pathways Modulation / Restore / Reset & Mitochondria
    • Mitochondria & Brain
    • Mitochondria & Liver
    • Mitochondria & Muscles
    • Mitochondria & Stroke
    • Mitochondria & Ageing
    • Mitochondria & Cancer
    • Mitochondria & Immunity
  • Devices, Methods & Mitochondria: Innovations & New Opportunities
    • Mitochondria Quality Control
    • Mitochondria Devices: New methods to detech mitochondria dysfunction
    • Mitochondria as Biomarkers

  • Microbiota & Mitochondria: The Intriguing Relationship
  • miRNA & Mitochondria: Impact & Perpectives
  • Strategies to Target Mitochondria: Recent Clinical Data and Potential Therapeutic Studies
    • Mitochondria & Bioenergetic Dysfunctionnement
    • Small Conductance Sk2 Channels
    • Targeting Stem Cells

With this exciting program, we look forward to welcoming you in Berlin for this particular event. 
On behalf of Pr Marvin Edeas & Pr Volkmar Weissig 
Chairmen of the Scientific Committee