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The creation of super Antioxidant will be presented by Pr Vicki Colvin during Antioxidant 2014.




VickiColvinCommon catalyst cerium oxide opens door to nanochemistry for medicine 


Pr Vicki Colvin and her team from Rice University are enhancing the natural antioxidant properties of an element found in a car’s catalytic converter to make it useful for medical applications.


Oleylamine (red dots) and oleac acid (blue) layers serve to protect a cerium oxide nanosphere that catalyzes reactive oxygen species by absorbing and turning them into less-harmful molecules. The finding could help treat injuries, guard against radiation-induced side effects of cancer therapy and protect astronauts from space radiation. (Credit: Colvin Group/Rice University).


Rice chemist Vicki Colvin led a team that created small, uniform spheres of cerium oxide and gave them a thin coating of fatty oleic acid to make them biocompatible. The researchers say their discovery has the potential to help treat traumatic brain injury, cardiac arrest and Alzheimer’s patients and can guard against radiation-induced side effects suffered by cancer patients.


SuperAntioxidantTheir nanoparticles also have potential to protect astronauts from long-term exposure to radiation in space and perhaps even slow the effects of aging, they reported.


Pr Vicki Colvin will present this exciting discovery during the 14th Antioxidants World Congress, which will be held in Paris next June 2014.






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