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Dr M. Grynberg will talk about "How to preserve female fertility before cancer treatment? " during Reproduction World Congress




Dr Michael Grynberg, from Jean Verdier Hospital, Bondy, France is one of the guest speaker of Fertility & Antioxidants 2014 World Congress which be held in Paris, France next May 22-23, 2014. .

During his presentation, Dr Grynberg will highlight the importance to preserve female fertility before cancer treatment.  Over the past decades, major advances in diagnosis and treatment have markedly improved the rates of cure for many young adults and children cancers. As a result, the field of fertility preservation (FP) has developed to overcome the adverse effects of cancer treatments on gonadal function. The strategy of FP will depend on patient's age, the puberty status, and the time frame before the initiation of gonadotoxic treatments.



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