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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of ISANH and All our team, We wish you a Happy New Year.

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Prof. Harry van Goor

Harry van Goor President of ISANHPresident of ISANH
Department of Pathology and Medical Biology
University medical Center
Groningen, The Netherlands

During Polyphenols 2014, Dr Stevens will present his studies about Global metabolomics for discovery of polyphenol bioactivity



Dr Fred Stevens, from Linus Pauling Institute and College of Pharmacy, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A will present his recent studies about Global metabolomics for discovery of polyphenol bioactivity: unravelling broad-spectrum effects of xanthohumol in a rodent model of obesity during the 8th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: ISANH Polyphenols 2014 which be held in Lisbon, Portugal on June 5-6, 2014.

Xanthohumol is a prenylated flavonoid found in hops and beer, and in dietary supplements. The team treated Zucker fa/fa rats, a model of obesity and metabolic syndrome, for six weeks with xanthohumol at four dose levels and measured metabolome profiles in addition to single endpoints of glucose and lipid homeostasis. The metabolomics analyses were conducted to identify biochemical pathways affected by xanthohumol treatment. The overall objective of the study was to gain a mechanistic understanding of the beneficial effects of xanthohumol in the treatment of metabolic syndrome.




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