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Antioxidants World Congress 2014 highlights Novel biomarkers enabling diagnosis of various oxidative stress-related diseases


ISANH Antioxidants World Congress 2014

Redox proteomics is a powerful tool to study redox regulation and signaling.

During ISANH Antioxidants World Congress 2014, which will be held in Paris nexwt June, Dr Lars Leichert will present strategies to determine the redox state of hundreds of protein thiols in a single experiment. Such a global overview of the cellular redox state can teach us a lot about the targets of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and can uncover strategies of the cell to counteract oxidative stress. The surprising specificity of oxidants we can observe in these experiments is probably one of the bases of thiol-based redox signaling. A comprehensive insight into the mechanisms of oxidative and nitrosative signaling networks could guide efforts of redox-based modulations of physiological and pathological processes.


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