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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of ISANH and All our team, We wish you a Happy New Year.

We wish 2021 will bring new Light, Hope, Full of Joy and Health

Prof. Harry van Goor

Harry van Goor President of ISANHPresident of ISANH
Department of Pathology and Medical Biology
University medical Center
Groningen, The Netherlands

ISANH wish you a happy new year 2014


Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the International Society of Antioxidants (ISANH), we wish you a happy new year and peace of mind.
Since 1998, the aim of ISANH is to provide a better transfer of scientific advances to pratical applications. Our main forces are credibility and neutrality. The aim of 2014 is to highlight this scientific innovations and the perspectives of application in various area.
We are pleased to inform you about the agenda of ISANH meetings for 2014.
Don't forget to visit for all updates.
Looking forward meeting you in 2014.
Dr Marvin Edeas
Chairman of ISANH