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Mitochondria & Fertility: The Mitochondria Critical Role on Spermatozoa Function will be discussed during next ISANH Congresses



Mitochondria are double-membrane organelles that play a fundamental role in the production of ATP through the sophisticated mechanism of the oxidative phosphorylation.

Mitochondria of sperm cells (sperm-type mitochondria) show peculiar characteristics and significantly differ, structurally and functionally, from the corresponding organelles of somatic cells. For instance, their morphology and arrangement in the sperm cells are quite different because they form a mitochondrial sheath in the midpiece of the flagellum. The biochemical differences are essentially due to the fact that sperm cells exhibit a great versatility in their metabolism using different mechanisms for energy production during germ cell development and fertilization.

During Reproduction World Congress 2014, which will be held in Paris on May 22-23, Dr Alessandra Ferramosca, from Salento University, Italy will give an overview of the current knowledge on the energy-producing metabolic pathways operating inside human sperm mitochondria, since a deeper understanding of mitochondrial energy metabolism could open up new avenues of investigation in bioenergetics of human sperm mitochondria, both in physiological and pathological conditions.


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