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ISANH will set up 4 Task Force Groups for the next FP7 European project about Fertility, Mitochondria & Polyphenols



The Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7) is the European Union’s main instrument for funding research in Europe. FP7, which applies to the years 2007-2013, is the natural successor to the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), and is the result of years of consultation with the scientific community, research and policy making institutions, and other interested parties.


Since their launch in 1984, the Framework Programmes have played a lead role in multidisciplinary

research and cooperative activities in Europe and beyond. FP7 continues that task, and is both larger and more comprehensive than earlier Framework Programmes.


Running from 2007 to 2013, the programme has a budget of 53.2 billion euros over its seven-year lifespan, the largest funding allocation yet for such programmes as:


Seventh Framework Programme - FP7

Information available by clicking here


Knowledge Based Bio-Economy - KBBE

Information available by clicking here


Information and Communication Technologies - ICT

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We inform you that ISANH will set up four Task Force Groups for the next FP7 European projects concerning following subjects:


Tea & Health:


Polyphenols & Valorisation of Polyphenols from Waste:




Fertility & Antioxidants:


ISANH will gather four Task Force Groups to coordinate these projects. Please complete the form available here and send it to ISANH. If you have any suggestion in term of theme of the proposal, please feel free to inform us.


We need urgently your feedback before August 23, as our meeting will be at the end of August.


We remind you that ISANH will select between 10 to 15 teams by project. We attract your attention that not only European teams will be selected, but also other teams all around the world.


Looking forward hearing from you soon and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


On behalf of Pr Marvin Edeas, Chairman of ISANH