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Abstract book of Malta Polyphenols 2007 is now available


Malta Polyphenols 2007 abstract book and speakers' powerpoint presentations are now available.

Malta Polyphenols 2007 conference was a great succes. We welcomed about 115 participants from more than 30 counties and the conference has been a success, with a very rich scientific and technical exchange between experts from academic world and in the presence of more than 70 international companies.

If you couldn't attend the event and would like to access to scientific and technical topics which were highlighted, you can find among the followings, the material which will match your request :

-The abstract book : Containg main oral, short oral and poster abstracts of the conference and the sympoosium on Functional Drinks & Smart Waters (available on printed and electronic version)

-Report on Japanese Beverage Trend 2007-2008 : Containing detailed description of more than 100 products in terms of ingredients, composition & health benefits, realized by Japanese Society of Antioxidants (available on printed and electronic version)

-CD-Rom containg speakers' powerpoint presentations

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