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ISANH provides to its members Network Session to share knowledge, scientific advances and innovations about antioxidants



Thanks to its worldwide presence, ISANH Network Session offers the best opportunity to share knowledge and know more about the antioxidant market all around the world.

What are the ISANH Network Sessions?

ISANH Network Sessions are a place created for every actor in Antioxidant chain all around the world. It is the simplest way to be in touch with the right person when you want it and when you need it the most. 

 ISANH Network Sessions are an opportunity to develop your business worldwide.

How does it work?

You will just have to fill the form with your question or field of interest. We will add you to our database and we will find the best person for your need in our Network Session Database. Thanks to our database we can find for you a buyer, a seller, an extrator or anyone corresponding exactly to your need and willing.  

Network Sessions will also be organized during ISANH conferences in order to allow you to discuss directly with other members of ISANH.

Who can participate?

Network Sessions are available for ISANH members only. You can join us filling the membership form directly on our Membership page.

You have to be a member of ISANH to participate to these Network Session. If you want to know more about ISANH Network Session application, please reach our Network Session page following this link.