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Pr Birch-Machin will give a talk about Skin, Ageing & Mitochondria during the 2nd World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria 2011



Mark Birch-Machin, Ph.D., is Professor of Molecular Dermatology at the Newcastle University Institute of Cellular Medicine. Prof. Birch-Machin pursued his Post-Doctoral career at the University of Oregon (USA), INSERM Paris, University of Toronto as well as Clinical Neuroscience and Biochemistry, Newcastle University (1986-1995) where he held several academic positions in the Department of Dermatology (1996-current). During this time, he was elected Treasurer of the British Society of Investigative Dermatology (BSID) and co-editor of Experimental Dermatology. He advanced to the position of Professor of Molecular Dermatology at Newcastle University in August 2005.

Prof. Birch-Machin’s research group focuses on the response of human skin to ultraviolet radiation particularly within the context of skin ageing and cancer. He also has particular interest in understanding the role of mitochondrial DNA in the treatment of psoriasis, in UV-induced oxidative stress, cancer and the relationship between oxidative stress, nutritional status and skin aging as well as the science and use of sunscreens. He has received research funding from Cancer Research UK, British Skin Foundation, BBSRC, MRC, EPSRC, Wellcome Trust, NESRF and the Royal Society. He has published more than 100 refereed scientific journals and books. In addition, he is also a co-inventor on multiple patents arising from the commercialization of parts of this research, including the invention of a product that sold in over a 1,000 stores in Canada as part of a spin out company which Mark co-founded. In 2010, Mark was awarded the Newcastle University Spirit of Entrepreneurship award. Mark was the founder and Programme Director of the Master of Research in Medical and Molecular Biosciences which is the flagship postgraduate programme in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Prof. Birch-Machin has been an internationally and nationally invited keynote speaker at numerous prestigious conferences and symposia. He has been Chair of several international Scientific Advisory Boards; a global advisor for the Procter and Gamble Olay Professional Alliance Team, expert advisor for the UK Advertising Standards Authority, and is a member of the grants awarding committee for the British Skin Foundation as well as the Editorial board for Experimental Dermatology.

Prof. Birch-Machin is regularly a National Press Spokesperson on ‘Sunburnt DNA,’ DNA damage, skin ageing and skin cancer risk related to his role on Cancer Research UK’s Sun Smart Advisory Board and with the British Skin Foundation press office. His research and quotes on sun awareness have appeared on multiple European and American TV segments (including BBC, ITN, Sky, Discovery), more than 100 radio programs, online columns, over 100 national and local UK newspapers and over 80 popular magazine articles.

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